Ask me anything- One for the gentlemen!

Oh if only there would not be so many who disapprove!!

The Nylon Swish


I am sure you are aware that many men feel the same way about vintage nylon stockings and foundations. Also you no doubt know quite a few of those guys also find wearing those delightful items to be very exciting and pleasing. I discovered at the age 5 just how exciting it was to slide a pair of mom’s discarded nylon stockings onto my smooth little legs! My question is how do you feel about a guy in a skirt, sheer hose and high heels? My girlfriend likes it, finds it kind of kinky erotic and says my legs look hot in heels and hose.


I love this question! I know that a lot of my readers who are male and that they either like looking at women in stockings, wearing stockings or both, so this is an interesting topic.

I have absolutely no problem with guys wearing women’s…

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Revival Lingerie – 14 strap suspender belt review

This belt looks simply great.

The Nylon Swish

A few weeks ago, I bought a few items from Kiss Me Deadly, including this 14 strap suspender belt.


I am a massive fan of suspender belts and girdles with more than six straps, for many reasons which you can read about here.

I wore my new Revival Lingerie suspender belt to work today and loved it! This morning, I woke up at 7.15, and I leave for work at 7.30 so I thought that the chances of me throwing on a 14 strapper, were pretty slim if I’m going to be completely honest. However, I decided to get on with it and risk leaving the house a couple of minutes later than usual. I can promise you that I did dress myself this morning as my partner in crime is not in the country at the moment. From start to finish, it took me probably about…

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Today’s underwear – Friday 4th July 2014

The Nylon Swish

I’m having a lazy day and decided to dress accordingly. I have gone for some big stretchy and supporting underwear; I am wearing my peach Target bra, peach Marcel Worth vintage girdle and my grey stretchy Columbine stockings. I realised this morning that I must have worn these stockings on 15 different occasions and they do not have a single snag on them! I wrote about them here.

Here are some images:

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (1)


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